Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nuclear Power vs. Renewable Energy

It would take one windmill to power Dirty’s vibrator while one nuclear rod could power all the vibrators in Ohio. This video gives a rare glimpse of the Wind and its power. I really think the Wind is trying to mislead you.

If a nuclear plant has a meltdown a horn will sound and you can get in your car and hall butt the other way.

Justice fo’ all.


The Lazy Iguana said...

That video makes me want to stab the wind. And that guy. And the people who made that lame commercial.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with that guy? now lazy is talkin bout stabbin people, see its catching on finally!

I love flying kites said...

The Lazy,

He is a strange looking fellow. Were going to need a lot of hurricanes to make sind farms work. I say stab him.


You know you're attracted to the wind, deep voice, strong chin, muscular hands and a unibrow. Do you own a kite?

dirty said...

I don't need a vibrator...that's what 19 year olds are for.

Do you wear a hat like the wind?

Anonymous said...

I don't own a kite or a vibrator. I am selling my vintage barbie stuff on ebay, a chapter of my life is closing and I might cry. I hate everything today

so sad said...


You sure are excited about that 19-year-old and I'm excited for you. If I was with a 19-year-old people would call me Dirty-old-man.


I can't believe you don't own a kite they are so much fun. I have a stunt kite.

It's sad that you are selling your Barbie stuff. I remember buying my daughters all that stuff. I don't think they still have it. I do know that those Bratz dolls are trash and they do drugs and have unprotected sex.

being lazy so not signing in said...

I agree about the bratz dolls, anyone with a knife close by should take up stabbing those trampy things. your daughters must be in their late 20's or early 30's

Goodbye barbie said...


Do Barbies appreciate in value? I haven't seen a Barbie in a while but i assume they are still popular with good white children.

The girls are in their mid to late twenties. I think it's crazy how couples today wait so long to have kids.

The Lazy Iguana said...

If Krok's daughters are in their late 20s, like boats, do not have kids, and like to drink I know someone who would like them to have his phone number.

It also helps if they live in or close to the Miami area. And they are not large and in charge.

Hot but mean said...

The Lazy,

They are hot but I think I errored in that I made them self sufficient. They're in charge. Probably not the type you would want to marry unless you want to stay home and do the laundry.

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