Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Franki on the Krok Show


franki said...

wow krok, i had no idea you were so hot in real life!

excellent likeness of me.

merry xmas.

OJ Simpson said...

Honkey motherfucker!!!!


Where the fuck is the Charlie Brown Kwanza??? Skeeeeeeeeeeeit. Cracker motherfucker!!!!!!

OJ Simpson said...

Ill shank yo ass if you be disrespecting Kwanza!!!!!! Mother fucking cracker ass welfare pimp!!!

Don't make me break out of the joint and me get all Lee Hazlewood make be get all up in yo ass you booger hook back to jig-a-boo town!!!!

krok87 said...

Franki, yes I am very attractive. I've been trying to tell you this for a while. Yeah I pretty much nailed what you look like. Thanks for the interview. I hope you and your sons have a holly jolly Christmas.

OJ Simpson, what up chief? You have reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas and that is to lock up your house and car well so the coons don't steal your fine booty blind. Have a Merry Christmas you fucking bad ass nigga. Asa lama lakem.

dirty said...

Are you wearing a diaper?

There is no way you have that much blond hair...I would venture to believe it is a silver skullet.

krok69 said...


Every time you comment I get a hard on. I've swithed from plaid boxers to tighty whitey hot pants. As you get older your scrotum hangs lower.

On the hair color my nipples have blonde hair and my head is 65% blonde 35% gray. I could color it for you if you want me to.

Later Gator.

The Doozie said...

wow, that was pure poetry. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it? It's nice to see you back on the web creating

dirty said...

Do you use Viagra?

I hate tighty whiteys...they repulse me to the point of vomitting. I do however live boxer briefs...try those.

I'm sorry to hear about your hanging scrotum...I would try some wrinkle cream to keep the youth, ya know?

I don't need you to dye your hair...men get better looking the older they get...women just get ugly...except me of course.

krok98 said...

Doozie, I don't deserve a friend as nice as you. I hope Santa was good to you.

I was racing my dune buggy the other weekend and I started thinking to myself that I wish I had your booty so that my tailbone wouldn't ache so bad from the bumps.

Dirty, you are the exception to the rule. I think you getiing pregnant at 16 and married at 18 has kept you young.

I do just get better looking.

We have a gay guy at the office now. I wonder if you know him.

Do the kids have Wii? That thing is fun. I don't have it but I went to a party and it was there.

Instead of kissing your husband on New Years you should give him a blow job, be a sport.

dirty said...

I love gay men...I don't know what it is about them...I;m like a magnet for gays.

Did you know you can make anyone fall in love with you by sending them a mix tape? I know...it astounded me...but it works every time. I could solve any problem in any relationship with my wise words...give him a blow job and he will leave you alone.

We do have a Wii and it is a lot of fun...I'm just waiting for them to make a sexual positions game or something...I could totally get the high score.

I'm not kissing my husband or blowing him for new year's...I don't think he deserves it.

Who will you be sucking face with for new year's?

krok21 said...

Dirty, Can you dance as good as a gay man? You don't look very limber.

I love spontaneous blow jobs. Theater, car, beach, pool, while playing Twister.

You scared me with that mixed tape thing, I thought that had something to do with niggas but it's just music. I keep all my music on a flash drive. Can I make you a flash drive?

Come on surprise him. He allows you to live the good life.

I started my business back up again so I'm just going to beat off.

Today I had a guy in a lamborgini pull up next to me. Guess what, his car was faster than mine but I was way better looking.

dirty said...

I drank a lot of wine that night...so much that I don't even remember going to sleep so I'm not quite sure what happened but I'm assuming not much of anything since I woke up fully clothed...thank God.

Every man I have ever sent a mix tape (in form of CD) to has wanted to marry me...I'm not quite sure why.

I don't dance as good as the gay men but I do enjoy plucking my eyebrows as much as they do.

I called off work today...It feels fantastic.

krok23 said...

Dirty, Why would someone want to marry a woman with 3 children, are these guys blind?

I bet you are eye challenged, too much mascara and not enough eye brow, I believe that is an Ohio thing.

I wish you would practive being more wild during sex. Next time you and your husband have sex starting yelling profanities.